The Christmas Story


crecheI know I’ve posted a few videos lately.  When I saw this one, I knew I couldn’t let it slip by.  It’s spectacular.  And it’s even about the birth of a Third Culture Kid–more on that this Thursday.

Sit back.  Be prepared to smile.  Here’s a fresh telling of the first Christmas.


There’s so much I love about this video. I’m enamored with the star and the third wise man . . . and what a celebration! I’ve never thought of it quite like that.
What stood out to you?

photo courtesy of Avondale Patillo UMC on Flickr Creative Commons.

2 responses to “The Christmas Story”

  1. Hi Sheryl!
    We love this one, too! We showed it at our Kidz Klub Christmas/Jesus Birthday Party celebration on Friday night. As you may know, we have about 14 nationalities in our Galway Church. Most are from African Nations! So the above Christmas story was lacking in peeps of colour for us, but still so enjoyable! We were def. partying like in the last scenes! Lots of chuckles and smiling faces on all 48 of the party-ers!

    May you have an awesome and blessed Christmas, Sheryl! Will you be with family? Our Galway family celebration will be about 60 of us after the Christmas Day service–Kirk preaching–and all will contribute to the feast!

    Much love!

  2. Hey, Sandlin!
    I’m pretty sure this video went viral for them. I looked at another one they did, but it wasn’t as impressive as this. You’re right, of course, they are lacking peeps of colour. I wonder if it’s the area they’re in? Hard to imagine! Oh what joy to celebrate with 48 kids!!! How fun!!!

    Yes–I got to be with my family for Christmas–a special joy all on its own. I hope you had a great celebration. Kirk’s preaching is always a treat!

    Love you back—


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