The Best Reason To Live Overseas

Oh yeah.  This is one of the best high school videos I’ve seen in a long time.  This was created by Mission to the World MK*s (and a PK**, too) in Japan.  Watch.  Enjoy.  Let me know what you think!




*For those with a different vocabulary . . . MK = Missionary(‘s) Kid; a subset of the Third Culture and PK = Pastor’s Kid . . . sometimes they’re one and the same.  Sometimes they’re not.

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4 responses to “The Best Reason To Live Overseas”

  1. I don’t, Heidi. I wish I did! One of my friends who grew up in Japan and lived there most of his adult life knows them and recommended the video to me.

  2. Thanks, Eric! It makes me happy that you liked it. Thanks for relaying the message, Soul! (Get better, E!)

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