Thanksgiving and . . .

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope as you’re reading this you’ve been sated into  a happy place.  I know not all of you will have feasted on turkey, but I hope today finds you extremely peaceful and full of gratitude.

I have so much to be thankful for . . . here’s the tip of the iceberg in no particular order . . .

1. My family.  They’re pretty much the best ever.  My parents are kind, loving, godly examples of service and hospitality.  My brother is one of my best friends.  My sister-in-law is much more sister than in-law.  In fact, when I talk about her, I often forget to add the hyphenated part.  I’ve been known to confuse people that way.  And my nephews?!  Oh—it doesn’t get any better than them.  Don’t get the idea that we’re perfect.  We’re not.  We all have our foibles.  We’re all dirty, rotten sinners who God redeemed.  We’re all trying to get rid of the old self.  Nevertheless, I’m blessed beyond measure to be part of my family.

2. Good health care.  Our system here in the USA is flawed without a doubt, and I’m not sure the government’s plan is the way to fix it.  But I still have medical care that’s top notch.  I have doctors who are experts in their field.  I have doctors who keep plugging away at finding out what’s going on in my body.  Yes, I have high co-pays and I have to pay them often, but it’s so much better than not having them.  (I’m writing this before my surgery and making the assumption that I came out of it well and put back together.)

3.  Technology.  When I was growing up I was fascinated by stories from my grandparents’ childhood.  I would read the Little House books over and over and over while adding myself as another character who was a  silent bystander.  As much as I love history, I’m so thankful to live in a day where I can talk to and see my friends on different continents.  I can share my thoughts with you in cyberspace.  I can almost instantaneously see what friends are thinking throughout the day.  We have flush toilets, refrigerators, television, computers and so much more.

4. Friends.  Friends from my childhood . . . former students . . . former colleagues . . . current colleagues . . . fellow worshipers . . . fellow bloggers . . . and so many more.  It boggles my mind sometimes.  I wish you all knew each other.

5. Food.  It’s abundant.  I like it, and it likes me—a little too well, but that’s another story.  There are so many hungry people in the world.  I’m thankful that I’m not one of them.  I’m thankful for steak and burgers and peanutbutter and nutella and shrimp encrusted with panko and dark chocolate and milk and chocolate syrup and chicken on the grill and dark chocolate covered espresso beans and coffee and sweet potatoes and dark chocolate and clementines and so much more.  Oh!  Did I mention chocolate? The dark kind?

6. I’m thankful for you.  It’s nice to know that when I write something, you read it.  It’s nice to know that my words might be more than a distraction for you.  Thanks for stopping by and reading.

Well, as I mentioned, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  I could go on and on, but I won’t.  At least not today.

Next week is Sara(h) week.  I’m anticipating being a bit groggy and out of sorts after my surgery.  I thought you might like to hear from someone who was coherent when they wrote.  I’ve asked my friend Sara to guest post for me next Monday.  My friend Sarah will post on Thursday.   They are fantastic, amazing women who continually bless me with their friendship.  They’re also fantastic cooks who make sure I have a regular intake of baked amazingness.  I hope you enjoy getting to know them.

I’m going to be quite limited mobility wise in the next few weeks.  I anticipate having lots of time to think and pray.  If you’ve got something you’d like me to pray about with you, let me know.  It would be a pleasure!

photo courtesy of Avondale Patillo UMC

6 responses to “Thanksgiving and . . .”

  1. Sheryl dear, I have prayed for you a bunch of times, and continue to think about you several times a day. I hope your body is allowing you to sleep, and that medication is helping you handle your time. I love you, and am very thankful for your friendship.

  2. Thanks for praying so often, Ginger. The meds aren’t allowing me to do much more than sleep. Hopefully, that’s making my body a healing machine. I love you, too and don’t know where I’d be without you.

  3. Hi Sheryl,
    Just discovered your blog and really enjoyed your thankful heart and your outlook
    and your honesty. Had to smile…”and did I mention chocolate…the dark kind”…
    I can relate! Hope we can sit down and visit sometime.

  4. Sheryl, I was so glad to hear that you came through surgery well and are on the mend. I pray it will be as speedy as God thinks is beneficial. I enjoyed reading this piece, as well as some others. They are great. I share your gratitude for God’s bountiful blessings, including this opportunity to communicate. Blessings to you, my friend.


  5. Thanks for praying me through surgery, Kathy! God is so good, isn’t he? Another evidence of that goodness? He made us friends . . . ummmm . . . a few years ago! 🙂 Love you!

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