TCKs and a Transition Movie

TCK Film 1 2013


One of the projects the older TCKs accomplish during their Home Assignment Debriefing time at WorldVenture is to create a movie about transition.  They have a lot of fun while they review/learn the five stages of transition.  As you watch this film look for the stages–involvement, leaving, chaos, entering and reinvolvement.

Did you see the stages?  Did you enjoy the movie?

The kids came up with the ideas for the movie.  My amazing guy interns edited the project.  I’m so thankful for all of them!  I’m looking forward to what the current group will produce this week.


7 responses to “TCKs and a Transition Movie”

  1. What a great summary of the life of a missionary’s kid! The actors seemed to really enjoy themselves! Eating seawead with chopsticks was so funny! Soo well done and the ending was perfect!

  2. I am the grandma of MK, Justen Laverman in Japan. Loved the movie. I am an MK prayer coordinator for the MKs of our church missionaries. I also did MK prayer for Wycliffe Associates for 12 years. Justen is one of our church MKs and he has several prayer partners I send his prayer needs to. I Know MKs have needs. Keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks for all the great comments! I’m so proud of the work they did on this movie. What a creative and fun group of TCKs I get to work with!

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