Tag: knee brace

  • Insurance Insanity

    I think I have a clue why the health insurance industry is having a few problems.

  • Brain Bubbles

    I realize it has been half of forever since I’ve written.  Since I’m sitting in another training that we’re doing, and my big part is tomorrow, I’ll give you some glimpses of the things that are bubbling to the surface of my brain. I’ve had my knee brace for almost 3 weeks.  What a difference […]

  • Eight Belles vs. Barbaro

    Well, the good news is I’m not a horse!  As idyllic as I thought that would be when I was a kid, I’m currently thankful God didn’t see fit to give me a TOTALLY equine kind of life. And I’m not Eight Belles—no need to euthanize me . . . yet.  I’m more like Barbaro […]