Tag: Health

  • Up and Down

    I’ve been living with mystery maladies for more than 3 years. I’d like the mystery to end. I’m tired of having my body go awry and having no good reason for it—as far as anyone I know can tell.

  • Random Assortment of Thoughts

    Up and Down . . . that’s how I’ve been feeling lately.

  • Debriefing, Transition, and Other Happenings

    An amazing, tiring, multilingual, stretching, hilarious wouldn’t trade it week with great kids.

  • O! How I Love the Hospital

    Innumerable thanks for all the encouragement and prayers!  This last week has been better, and I know it is because God is at work and so many of you are helping him.  Thanks for caring! Tomorrow morning (Friday), I will arrive at the hospital at 6 AM for outpatient surgery.  The goal is to remove […]