O! How I Love the Hospital

Mercy General Lego HospitalInnumerable thanks for all the encouragement and prayers!  This last week has been better, and I know it is because God is at work and so many of you are helping him.  Thanks for caring!

Tomorrow morning (Friday), I will arrive at the hospital at 6 AM for outpatient surgery.  The goal is to remove my endometrial polyps—so for those with medical vocab or who want to do some research—hysteroscopy with resection and a probable D&C.  I won’t go into all the details here.  Feel free to educate yourself.

I’m hoping this will be the panacea that makes me feel energetic and basically better . . . well, after I get over being sore and crampy.  I’m thankful I have lots of people who care and who think they need to feed me while I recuperate.  Really though—how hard will it be to get myself to the kitchen to make a piece of toast.  There’s no incision, so it shouldn’t take me that long to recover, right?  That’s what all the literature says, so I’m believing it.

photo courtesy of L.G. Orlando

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