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Meet some of WorldVenture’s newest missionaries!  They’re headed to all different corners of the world–Kenya, Uganda, Cote d’Ivoire, the Philippines, and Bolivia.  They’re doing things like community health, church planting, photography, and business as mission . . . plus who knows what else when they get there.

This week I have the privilege of helping them learn (or at least reviewing) some important information.  My sessions will cover conflict management, language learning, cultural adaptation, writing well, saying good good-byes, transition, and servanthood.  Of course, I’ll probably chime in if I think they need to know something else that hasn’t been said in another session.  They get to hear from me a lot; let’s hope they don’t get sick of me!

In the past the bulk of my teaching happened on Wednesday.  We’re all a little dubious of my stamina these days, so I’ll have a session on Tuesday and Friday as well as a few on Wednesday.  I’m sure I’ll be tired but it will be a good tired.

This introducing new people to the WorldVenture family and helping them learn some major ideas before they head overseas is a bit daunting.  Thankfully, I know it’s not dependent on me or anyone else on our training team.  We can give them ideas and some preparation, but it’s God who called them and ultimately He is the one who equips them.  I’m just thankful I get to be part of the process.

What process are you thankful to be a part of?

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6 responses to “Part of the Process”

  1. Hey, Jennifer!
    I’m not in charge of training–that’s my colleague, Jerry. I just get to teach a few things during the week. Today is pretty much the “Sheryl Show.” I’m feeling better this week than I thought I would be. My ankle swells wildly by the end of the day, but my stamina is better than I anticipated. This week I’m being reminded that God is my fortress and strength. Not new, but a great review! What about you?

  2. Sheryl we never got sick of hearing from you when we went through that training. You did a great job. Thanks for all you do.

  3. Of all the missionaries I’ve known, I can think of only a few that I would want “introducing new people to [missions] and helping them learn some major ideas before they head overseas is a bit daunting” — and you are unquestionably near the top of the short list.

  4. Thanks, Josh. That means a lot to me. I know I said that to Brandon, too. I mean both of them. You both come at things from very different perspectives. I appreciate the affirmation from both of you.

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