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2013 marks my third year participating in the One Word Challenge.  As far as I can tell the challenge originated with Alece.  If it didn’t start with her, that’s OK . . . I heard it from her first.

I couldn’t escape my 2011 word, persevere, last year. I wanted a new word for 2012, but every time I prayed about it I felt I needed to keep it. So I did.  It was a good word for the year.  There was much I needed to persevere through.

Walking, gaining strength, new programs, new responsibilities, old junk–all required perseverance.  There were definitely times when I needed to just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  No matter how tired and weary I was, I just needed to keep going.  That’s not going to change.  Ever.  It just doesn’t need to be my focus for the year.

This year’s word overwhelmed me on my birthday. I knew it needed to be my word for 2013.  I’ve been toying with another word, but this one keeps coming back.  The word for 2013?  Healing.

In some ways it feels like that should’ve been the word for the last two years, but it’s my word for this year.  Physical healing arrived as I persevered through surgeries and physical therapy, but I’ve realized there’s just so much more that needs to be done.  Yes, there’s the physical, but there’s more than that.

I have self-inflicted wounds that need healing. The core of those wounds are my expectations. Emotions are hard to set straight. Healing there is going to require some introspection, evaluation, and adjustment as I readjust and move on.

Spiritually, I’m not sure I need healing, but I need some rejuvenation.  I suppose that’s a type of healing, isn’t it?  There’s nothing seriously wrong here–no worries.  I just know there’s some change ahead.

Intellectually I haven’t been as sharp as I’d like to be. I’ve slumped a bit–taken the easy route too often when it comes to reading and thinking.  I won’t be jumping into Les Miserables in French right now, but I hope to beef up my reading (and, therefore, my thinking) a little in the coming months.

Healing.  It’s a tall order, but it’s a good one.  I know it won’t be easy, neither will it be a steady progression.  My life requires a more organic approach.  I’m OK with that.

I’m not really sure what all this healing is going to look like.  I hope you’ll be able to see a healthier me when we cross paths.  I know health is my path for the year.  I’m pretty sure it’s going to be an interesting journey.

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What’s your word for 2013?



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  1. Hi Sheryl,

    I haven’t done a one-word challenge yet, but I find it intriguing and have enjoyed reading about your “healing” word for this year, and Alece’s word for this year as well. Thank you.

    How are TCK conferences and roles going for you this year?

    Jennifer Dougan

  2. Sarah–Great word!!! It fits you well. Seriously–you already exude joy. I’m excited to see you on steroid levels of joy this year. And YES!!!! Definitely!!! I need more Sarah. It’s crazy how physically close we spend so many days—less than a mile separates us!—and we struggle to make time together. This is the year it happens.

    Jennifer–It’s a great exercise. For the last three years I spent a lot of time praying for direction for the year’s word. They’ve been the right words for each year so far. I don’t doubt “healing” is a good word for this year.

    I’m still on vacation, but the year is stacking up pretty well–though a little perplexing. My first trip is scheduled for Czech Republic and Hungary this winter. There are possibilities of three other trips (West Africa, East Africa, and Greece), but I don’t know if there will be budget to accommodate those trips. We’ll see. I’m also holding my second transition seminar this summer. I’m looking forward to that! How are you? I looked for your trip on your blog, but I didn’t see it. Perhaps I didn’t dig deep enough.

  3. What a powerful description of healing and its role in your life. Sounds like a great center for 2013. I look forward to seeing how you are able to activate it in the many spheres of life.

    It was fantastic to meet you, if only for the briefest of moments! Hopefully on the next visit we can visit.

    I think I have landed on a new word…which I will blog on this week. Thrive was good, but didn’t get where I wanted to go. I think I’m on the righter track now.


  4. It was great meeting you, too, Chris! I’m hoping to be back in May. I’ve heard there’s this pastor who sings and dances with some other guys . . .

    Can’t wait to see your new word this week. Clarity is a great thing!

  5. I am stopping over from Faith Barista. I foung your word drawing me in as I have been on a healing journey for awhile myself. My words for this year are trust and rest….god bless your journey. Oh, and your work sounds fascinating.

  6. Thanks for stopping by, Renee! I loved reading about your husband’s quick healing and your more progressive healing. May you be fully aware of God’s work in your life!

  7. I am glad that you are able to move on from persevere to healing. May God bless you with healing and rejuvenation. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  8. “Emotions are hard to set straight.” Amen! I am right there with you. This reminded me of the Big Daddy Weave song “Redeemed.” Mike Weaver tells the story of beating himself up over a failure, then getting the idea for this song.

  9. Well, you read my post on my word: Undivided. I so appreciate what you’re saying here because many think healing is easy, but there is a lot of work involved! Thankfully, there is enough grace to cover that work, but we still have to trust Him in the process. Thanks Sheryl.

  10. Healing – I know you’re talking in your post about your needed physical healing. But, I can’t help but think of so many areas we each have in our lives that could use some healing. Or at least a check-up. 🙂
    My one word is: Follow.

  11. I appreciate you explaining how your word is for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. I look forward to reading how God leads you through 2013 and your healing. Blessings!

  12. Thanks for stopping by,Carol, Cindy, Debbie, Melissa, and Jason! I had such fun reading your One Words and seeing where God is taking you this year.

    Melissa–I’m definitely going to have to look for that song. I haven’t listened to music much in the last few years, but I think that’s starting to change.

  13. Ah, healing. A word near and dear to my own heart. And, oh, it must be such joy to embrace this word after two years of perseverance! You are right–there are a million layers to the healing of a life. And perhaps our days here on this earth are always going to be about healing in one way or another–recovering bit by bit from that one terrible fracturing of the soul way back in the Garden of Eden, as we grow ever more into the likeness of our Redeemer day by day. May you find glorious, deep-down healing in surprising ways this year!

  14. Thanks for such a blessing, Courtney! There’s such a great need for healing all over. It’s kind of amazing to think I’m part of the story of healing since the beginning of time. Thanks for the reminder.

  15. You’re so right, Amy. It has been amazing to read other’s posts and see how they, too, tried different words, but one kept coming back.

  16. “My life requires a more organic approach. I’m OK with that.” So well put. “organic” is at the heart of my healing as well (altho I would prefer a 10 step process of course!). Organic sounds natural and beautiful. But, even that learning/acceptance what organic means is an organic experience for me! 🙂 Healing. How rich this word is — my heart is happy knowing it’s drawing you to newness, like reading, books, emotions and everything these wonderful things will bring. Thanks for sharing this in the faith jam, Sheryl. I feel right at home here!

  17. Bonnie! You crack me up. I’m so glad you’re at home here . . . because I feel at home with you and your words, too. Thanks for the encouragement. Thanks for the prompts that make narrowing down what to write about so much easier. I’m glad you’re fighting your way back to new places.

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