One of the Best Parts

the morning hugWorking with TCKs has some definite perks. I work with some of the most amazing kids on the planet. I get to travel to different places around the world. I meet incredible people who live faithful and sometimes radical lives. I get to train people who choose to live counter-cultural lives. I partner with many who give sacrificially and pray without ceasing.

Once in a while all those things come together in one moment. I had one of those moments Friday afternoon as I was saying good-bye to 4 year old A. Our conversation went something like this . . .

A: Thank you for a fun week.
Me: Thank you, A! I’m glad you had fun.
A: I did.
Me: I want you to remember that I love you a lot, and a lot, and a lot, and a lot, and a lot, and a lot, and a lot, and a lot, and a lot, and a lot!
A: You love me more than you could say in one day?
Me: I love you more than I could say in one year.

And for that I was rewarded with a little squeal and a great big hug.

Moments like that help me get out of bed some mornings. They’re definitely one of the best parts.

photo courtesy of Jasmic

13 responses to “One of the Best Parts”

  1. It is always the kids who make the battle worthwhile, isn’t it?? In your ministry or mine. Love this post!!

  2. Thanks, Judy! If it weren’t for the kids, I’m not sure I could keep going. I love the adults, but I LOVE the kids—and I know you do, too.

  3. That is awesome. Been there done that with Alex Ike,so long ago, wanted uncle Stan and Aunt Stef to stay. I was her coloring buddy, broke my heart. We laid on the floor for hours and colored. Kids are the greatest AND KEEP us all going

  4. Stef—I can see you and Alex coloring on the floor . . . ahhhh! The good old days.

  5. Kids are cool and when you can help them become cool adults that’s really way cool.

  6. Ruth—I had amazing people help me become a good (and I hope cool) adult! Thanks for being one of the coolest!

    Shelley—Thank you!!!!

  7. We think the WORLD of you Sheryl, and we LOVE that you are doing what you’re doing! God has gifted you and that gift is given over and over. We love you!!!!

  8. Thanks, Robin!!!! I think the world of you and Kevin, too. I often think of you as part of the legacy of my ICA ministry. Love you back!!!!!

  9. Can they be part of my legacy too?? Sort of small, mine is.
    You’re the best, Soul. The right person, doing the right job at the right time. It just fits. And I’m glad.
    I spoke about you to a family we’re getting to know here who is unusual, in that they’ve lived in Africa. They are both MKs (French) and were very interested to hear about your work, and thought the term Third Culture Kids made a lot of sense. It was a very good conversation. If you come visit, you’ll have to meet them some time. Eric and their son Tanguy get on like a house afire (as the Brits say).
    btw, I love you a lot and a lot and a lot and….
    Bisous and ‘ugs.

  10. Oh, Soul! I’d love to meet them and talk with them. I’ve seen Eric get on with others like a house afire—how fun . . . and exhausting! 🙂

    The right person, the right job, the right time . . . hadn’t thought about it like that, but I think so. Serving the right God makes the supreme difference! I think it’s amazing that he weaves our stories in such ways that they become part of each others’ stories and yet are uniquely tailored for who he created us to be. Of course Robin and Kevin are part of your legacy. Your stories are woven together.

    I love you a lot and a lot and a lot, too.

    Big, big, big ‘ugs!

  11. We all need to know we are loved! How much more so children and the child within us all.

    Bless you. You ARE loved!

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