On Writing and Friends

Blocked by "The Block" again

Blocked by "The Block" againI’m so out of practice.  Writing—something I can usually do as easily as breathing—is like walking for me right now.  I have to think about it.  Words flow stiffly from my fingers and brain.  Thoughts come in spurts and bursts, but ordering them is more like wrangling amoebas than anything else.

I’m out of practice.

The months lost to hackers, crazy busy-ness, and illness robbed me of more than time.  They robbed me of my facility with writing.  I still bang out emails, but it feels like that’s the extent of my wordsmithing.  Retweeting another’s information and witticisms is about all the blue bird gets from me these days.  Facebook status updates don’t venture far beyond health reports and the cute sayings of the3 year old who keeps me company on most week days.

I wanted to write about friendship.  I wanted to tell you about the amazing people in my life who cheer me up and cheer me on.  They are the ones who collect my mail and change my bandages.  They are the ones who visit when I look like death warmed over but politely refrain from mentioning that fact until much later.  They are the ones who bring me care packages when I live down the road.  They are the ones who take me to the doctor and meet me at the hospital so I don’t have to go alone.  They are so much more.

I’ve given you a scant glimpse of them, but there’s so much more.  I can’t make the words justly describe them and what they mean to me.  I simply know they are gifts from a generous and loving heavenly Father.   I am grateful for them and His lovingkindness.


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  1. You did write about firendship and it was well said and it touched my Heart! Hugs and blessings to you!

  2. Hey, Cuz!

    Sorry I missed you in FL. Glad to hear (read) that you’re doing better. Sounds like you had a rough summer, even if it was fun.

    You’re on the write, er, right track though. 🙂 Practice. Keep practicing and I’m sure the writing will come back to you! And if you need inspiration, just think of all the weird people in your family and I’m sure you can come up with something! That usually works for me…

    Love you!


  3. God blesses those with whom he is well pleased, and you my friend, are beautiful and pleasing to God and all those who love you. Keep writing! It will come back.

  4. Nancy–I got a few sentences out. It wasn’t what my brain had planned, but these are the words it let out. I’m thankful it blessed you! That blesses me.

    Will–I know!!! I only missed you by a few days. That was a great sadness! Especially since I’ve never met the dynamic duo you call daughters. 🙂 One day! Of you course you’re write ummm right! Practicing will get me back in the groove. And I’ll seriously consider the family inspiration route. Love you bunches! (And I hope that strike through worked . . .

    Tirzah–Thank you! Love you.

  5. Sheryl,

    As always, your writing is well done. I’m sorry your mind is feeling stilted but it doesn’t show. If I could write like you do then a book would be in the offing.


  6. Thank you, Bonnie! Perhaps we should collaborate on the book thing. I have ideas, but can’t get them out. Maybe I could get your ideas out!

    Soul–It was so good to see your face and talk the other day. Closer is good. ‘Ugs back to you!

  7. Sheryl,

    I don’t know a lot about what is going on, but I am so sorry that you have been fighting health issues, it sounds like, and bandages and pain. I am thankful that you are surrounded by God’s people who are showing you his love with skin on. May they be blessed by the chance to be a blessing, and may you know that YOU are a blessing–regardless of whether you are on bedrest or not.

    May you feel his presence deeply today. As my Jula friends in Africa say, “Ee fo” (a compassionate “sorry”)


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