New Bliss

hot water bottleElectric blanket.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . . Even better?  Electric blanket turned on 15 minutes before getting into bed.

When I was in FL for Christmas, my parents put my grandparents’ old electric blanket in my closet and asked, “Do you know anyone who might want this old electric blanket?  We really don’t need it down here.” After I reminded them that I live in cold country and that my room is the coldest one in the house, they decided the blanket should find a new home with me.  Sadly it wouldn’t fit in my luggage and had to arrive via the USPS which it did about 10 days ago.  When it first arrived we were having schizo weather and the temperature was in the 60’s for a few days.  When the mercury dipped in the thermometer again, I wasn’t home.  Last night was the first I got to use it, and let me tell you—it was absolutely wonderful!  I’m looking forward to using it again tonight; my new bliss!

photo courtesy of Sarah Macmillan

One response to “New Bliss”

  1. I am glad this hot water bottle has found a second life in photography, an electric blanket just doesn’t photo so well, LOL.
    BUTI know which I prefer in my bed… ahhh bliss.

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