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Moving is not new to me.  I’ve lived in more than a few places on a couple of continents.  Similarly blogging is not new to me.  A few years ago I started a blog over on Xanga.  It was a great introduction to publishing my thoughts in a public forum.  The habit of forming thoughts, writing, editing, and posting them became a good way to express myself while connecting with a variety of people.  Some of those people I know well.  Others are members of the Xanga community who have become more than acquaintances during my introduction to the blogosphere.

Just as my physical location has changed over the years, my blog is moving.  Xanga was a great place to start this journey.  My own website is an even better place to continue it.  Xanga is a relatively closed community.  It’s hard for people to respond to a post if they’re not a member of the Xanga community.  Commenting on this site should be much easier; I hope that will encourage those of you who read to comment.

As I have time, I will work on migrating my xanga posts over here.  Feel free to check back from time to time to see what escaped my mind and fingers a few years ago.

Welcome to!

4 responses to “Moving”

  1. I did what you said and checked it out! Everything looks good! Many, many blessings in the new year.

    Keep looking up!

  2. Came checked it out and have left… but the site looks good and I will post it in my favorites 🙂 Have a great new year….

  3. Thanks, Laura! And you’re always one of my favorites . . . you know, if I had favorites. 😉

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