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Red Umbrella and bamboo

MKs–missionary kids or missionaries’ kids–are one type of Third Culture Kid.  I’m not a big fan of the term . . . but I’m not strongly against it either.

I know some where the MK tag proudly while others cringe.  For many the M in MK represents who their parents are.  Even if you’re wholly on board and participating with your parents in their calling, who wants to be known by their parents’ job description?  We don’t talk about about EK’s (Engineers Kids) or PKs (Plumbers Kids, though Pastors Kids are often called PKs).

I think Third Culture Kids fits so many so much more succinctly.  It tells who the person is, not who her parents are.  It tells a few things about the parents, but it doesn’t put anyone in any box right away.  It speaks of a culture most don’t know, but it helps identify a person much more accurately.

MKs fall under the umbrella of TCKs.  So do Military Brats.  So do Diplomatic Corps Kids.  So do many international business kids.  It’s a very nice umbrella!

I’ll get off my soapbox now.

A diatribe on terms wasn’t the intent of this post.  I want to share a video with you my friend Michele made with some MKs.  I just didn’t want anyone to wonder why I’m posting a video on MKs when I talk about TCKs most of the time.  Now you know.

Enjoy the video and then let me know what you think about what anyone on it said.

photo courtesy of and edited at; video courtesy of Michele Phoenix

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