Like Water

glass of water

Confession time.  If you know me well, this isn’t news, however it may put my status as a Coloradan at risk. Here goes.

I spend a great deal of my life partially dehydrated.

There it is.  I’m not good at drinking water.  I don’t mind drinking it if I’m eating something with it, but to just drink/sip/guzzle it with no purpose other than hydrating?  No thanks.

Part of me rebels against it because too much of the time water on an empty or semi-empty stomach nauseates me.  There’s another part that only likes cold water.  By cold I mean frosty.  Then there’s the part of me that hates being interrupted by frequent trips to the bathroom.  I could keep going, but you’ve got the idea.  None of my objections *ahem* hold much water.

The funny thing is I advocate for drinking lots of water.  Are you visiting Colorado and have a headache or a nose bleed?  I’ll tell you to drink more water.  Are you participating in one of my summer programs?  I’ll bribe you with American candy to get you to drink more water.  What do I buy when I need a basic kind of gift?  A water bottle, of course!

Here’s the ironic thing . . . when I start to drink water I want more of it.  Of course, it has to be at the right temperature.  Don’t get me wrong; I don’t go for just any water.  I feel bad for servers in restaurants because it’s hard to keep my water glass filled.

In the last few days I’ve learned that rest is like water.

My summers tend to run on the crazy side.  I spend more hours at the office than I do anywhere else.  Often my full day of interacting, teaching, and directing is lengthened by a few hours of email, reading, and researching.  Staying caught up feels like an extra part time job.

As tired as I an when I walk through my front door, it can take quite a while to wind down.  Shutting down my mind to plunge into a good night’s sleep is a plodding process most nights.  Both a rest and sleep deficit wait for me each weekend.

A week and a half ago my summer officially ended.  Through the generosity of a couple I have yet to meet, I had the opportunity for some R&R in the mountains.  The little cabin provided a comfy existence, glorious views, and entertaining wildlife.  For 5 days I fulfilled my goals of resting and staying alive.

I expected to return home feeling energized, refreshed, and ready to get back to work.  Expectations and reality quickly parted company.  If it’s possible, I feel more tired than when I left.

Rest is like water.  Getting a little in the correct conditions leaves me hankering for more.

My schedule will allow for some more rest just as the ice machine down the hall allows me to have the cold water I need. I need both, and I’m working at getting them.  I’m not sure if my schedule allows for all the rest I need, but I’m going to trust Jesus who multiplied 2 fish and five loaves to feed thousands will multiply the rest I get to feed my need.


How are you at staying hydrated?  How rested are you?  Where else do you see this principle at work?


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