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Some women have a thing for handbags/purses/pocketbooks—whatever you want t0 call them.  I’m not one of them.  I appreciate them. shoes I love a nice leather one, but my needs are fairly simple.  For most of the year it needs to hold my wallet, my phone, a nail file.  If it holds my chapstick, that’s a plus.

In the summer I need a bigger bag.  It needs to hold all of the above plus my camera, a pair or two of socks for bowling, and some medical release forms.  Sometime, I have to carry other people’s wallets as well as their medicines, and their water bottles. My summers are a little more complicated than the rest of the year.

My preferred splurge fits on my feet—shoes.  I love them.  I understand why some women have 10 different pairs of black shoes.  I’m sure I have at least 4 different pairs of black shoes.  At least.

While I love looking at an outrageous pair of heels, I can’t wear them.  Even before the Achilles debacle, I couldn’t wear them . . . mostly because I can’t walk in them.  And face it, if you’re putting on shoes chances are there’s some walking involved.  If I put on outrageous heels, there would be falling involved.  Recent history would lead you to believe there would also be surgery involved.

Not buying outrageous heels, hasn’t really limited my shoe choices.  My super large feet limit my choices a bit, but you’d never know from looking in my closet.  I have lots and lots of shoes.  I have heels I can wear.  I have ballet flats.  I have Birkenstocks.  I have running shoes.  I have Mock Crocs.  I have K-swiss soccer kicks.  I have old Chacos.  I have new Chacos. Open toed, close toed, open back, closed back, snow l boots, tall riding boots, hiking boots —they reside in my closet.

Right now I don’t wear any of them.  I can’t.

I’m limited to tie shoes; they lend strength and stability to my weak leg.  While I do have a few pairs of shoes that tie, only one pair is at all comfortable.  I tried wearing my old, comfy trail shoes a few weeks ago; incredible pain ensued.  A few days later I thought I’d try my K-Swiss kicks.  Nope.  That was worse.  I actually considered crawling down the hall to the bathroom.  So, my tie brown leather Sketchers are my daily companions.

When I first figured out my shoe limitation, I was bummed.  Wearing one pair of shoes every day just doesn’t seem like a great deal to me.  (It’s also a bit wardrobe limiting.)  It took me a day or two of moping before I realized I had huge reasons to be thankful.

First of all, I’m out of the boot and my shoes match!  Secondly,I can walk on my own two feet without the aid of a crutch or my fantastic knee scooter. Thirdly,  I have a pair of shoes I can wear without much pain.  Fourthly, there are plenty of people in the world who would be grateful for just one pair of shoes.  Fifthly, I got some jeans on an amazing sale (really, they almost paid me take them) a few years ago; they get a lot of use these days.

One day the Sketchers will sit on the shelf while the other shoes get to go out.  Right now, it’s me and my Sketchers; and I’m thankful I have them.

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I’m extremely thankful for you, naturally.

    And I am thankful that God is at work even if I don’t see Him moving.

    And I am thankful that it is spring. Finally. 🙂

  2. Because I love both purses and shoes, I have a daughter who loves both purses and shoes (at 16 months!). Yesterday she was wearing a plaid dress. She walked back to my room, dug through my closet and pulled out a pair of plaid flats that looked like they were made to go with her dress. That said, I am thankful to have a smart daughter. I am also thankful to have small feet so I can buy lots of cute shoes – flats mostly – and not break the bank. I am also thankful for my new Miche bag so I can switch covers and not the contents of the bag itself! Very materialistic, I know. : )

  3. Oh I love shoes although I find I stick with the same several pair even though I have more. Today I’m thankful for sweet time spent with my son practicing his piano and guitar.

  4. Sarah—it was quite wonderful to spend a few hours with you yesterday. We need to do that more often. I have an idea . . . Well said about God working. I’m not convinced Winter is gone. I want to be, but I feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    Tirzah—That Little Miss has quite the fashion sense! She makes me laugh! I don’t know about materialistic, just thankful for some material things. There’s a difference.

    Amy—I, too, get stuck with wearing a few pairs more than others. There are just some that only go with certain things (like my silvery kitten heels!). How fun to get to spend some good time with your son!

  5. Like father, like daughter! I too am restricted to the type and brand of shoe. However, I ONLY have two pair-one newer that the older!

    And I am thankful that I can walk without assistance.

  6. Yes, thankful for you. Thankful for sunshine and my dwarf irises blooming outside. Thankful for two wonderful kids who make me laugh. And for time to fast and pray during Lent. We had 3 people come to prayer meeting today. A record.
    I also love shoes, but am living in a place where I sometimes wear my slippers all day!

  7. Soul! Three people at prayer meeting?!?! Magnifique!! I got such a huge smile on my face when I read that. Dwarf irises sound lovely. I have these two little hyacinth like things that come up every spring. I haven’t seen them yet this year . . . or someone destroyed them. They’re just little sprigs, but they make my heart glad when I see them. Give those two kids an ug from the fairy god mother! And staying in your slippers all day? That sounds pretty good some days. Enjoy it for me on a non-Saturday. Big Ugs to you!

  8. I’m a bit too into my shoes too! Even before I came to China, where shoes are a great indulgence because I have small enough feet to buy lots of cute cheap shoes (which is encouraging when you can’t fit anything else in the country!) Thing is, I have bad legs, and bad shoes aren’t really a good combination there. Took me a long time to bite the bullet, buy some proper shoes, and start wearing them everyday – in place of cute matching shoes. It’s funny, though, how little it bothers me – wearing the same shoes everyday. I thought it would be terrrrible but it’s turned out to be not a big deal 🙂

  9. Another shoe lover! I knew I liked you, Tanya. 🙂 The same shoes every day thing is fine some days–it cuts down on wondering if the shoes I have on are really the best shoes for the outfit. On the other hand, it limits me to a wardrobe of jeans. That’s very practical and easy most easy most days. There are those other days when wearing a skirt or dress pants seems like a wonderful idea—that must be discarded. I had a friend tell me about a gala she was going to invite me to, but even if it would’ve worked in my schedule, I wouldn’t have been able to dress for it. Maybe one day . . .

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