I’m Sorry

rose and note

I am sorry.  I really am.

I have been the world’s worst blogger and communicator for the last 18 months or so.  Please know that it’s nothing personal.  My thoughts have dried up.  When they’ve been alive, they haven’t lasted long enough for me to reach a point where I can sit and capture them.

I’ve gone through bouts of feeling guilty about neglecting so many things–writing, blogging, you.  Then the words of my former boss slide into place, “Don’t should on yourself.”

So, I haven’t.  At least, I haven’t for more than a few minutes at a time.

It’s easier not to think about more than I need to.  It’s easier not to struggle to capture relatable words.  It’s easier to not do the work of scouting out a photo and editing it for the blog. It’s easier to stay stuck.

I don’t want the easy way anymore.  At least not with this.  Get ready for some posts to show up in your mailbox.  Get ready to leave me some comments, because let’s face it–it’s easier to write when I know you’re reading and connecting with something here.

If you’re still there–thanks for waiting things out with me.  If you’re just stumbling across these pages for the first time, welcome.  I hope to see more of you.


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5 responses to “I’m Sorry”

  1. I’ve been missing you, too! I think we should see each other sometime this winter and celebrate our “big” birthdays–kinda in between, but not exactly. 🙂 What do you think?

  2. Hi, Sheryl,
    No need to say Sorry…. if we had to keep up with you, we would all be in the Kitchen sink… as weak, limp, dish rags!!!!!! We would be so worn out, we would have Nothing left of us!!!!!
    Well, I hope you are saving some strength for your Birthday!!!!! We always have time for our Birthdays!!!!!!!
    Love you tons and tons,
    The Canyon Lake Texas, Cooley’s and the Smith’s tooooooooooo

  3. My dear Soul, I’ve not been the best blogger either. But I don’t think you need to apologize. We know you’re busy. When I check my rss feed for updates, I just pray for you, remember you’re there, hope you’re okay. Maybe we can do something to encourage each other in this area… I love you. Happy birthday.

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