I Knew You Were Worried

Bag ComparisonFor all of you who have been losing sleep over my bad luggage . . . it finally decided to find me Friday night!  After three days of the same clothes, I finally had clean ones.  Oh!  They were/are wonderful!!   The people I’m staying with had a houseful of company when my bag arrived, so there was minimally great rejoicing (clapping minus the happy dance). As soon as all the other company left, I was digging in the suitcase, found my PJs and changed as quickly as I could.  I love clean clothes.  I love a variety of clothes.  I love it when my suitcase is where it is supposed to be!

This afternoon we drove into Rabat for the remainder of the day.  We spent a lot of time going from artisan to artisan.  There was too much beautiful stuff.  If I lived here, I’d have no problem decorating my house with a local flair.  My big find of the day was this guy who makes pottery figurines—they’re all different sizes and show Moroccan life.  I bought a shepherd carrying a lamb on his shoulder.  The figures are a bit on the simple side and they’ll never be museum pieces; however I like their quirkiness.  If I ever figure out how to do it, I’ll post a picture.  Don’t hold your breath.

Have a glorious week and may your clothes always be where you expect to find them!

photo courtesy of PracticalHacks

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