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The Bluenose II Schooner 2In the corners of the blogosphere I visit when I have time, there’s a hearty discussion ping-ponging around about Abby Sunderland the 16 year old who attempted sailing around the world solo.  The discussions center on parental responsibilities, maturity, foolhardiness and bravery.

Without weighing in too heavily on the major topics, I am impressed with Abby’s skill and the relative maturity I’m fairly certain she possesses to even attempt this feat.  It’s a much more complicated feat than I would ever attempt with a full crew.

The brouhaha surrounding her attempt, her disappearance and her rescue certainly deserved a few headlines and the ensuing discussions.  If my child were lost at sea, I’d want people to take notice.

But here’s the thing—there are so many other notable things that teenagers do that receive no recognition.  Yes, a solo voyage around the world for a 16 year old is noteworthy, but what of a group of high school students who change not only the world but also eternity?

I’ll bet most of you haven’t heard of a group of international high school students living in Dakar, Senegal who are changing the world.  A few times each year these students leave the city and visit villages within a few hours drive to share their time, talents, and treasures to make a difference.

This is a video of  some of their recent efforts.  It was put together by one of the teachers at Dakar Academy.  Don’t panic when you see how long it is!  It’s an engaging look at a weekend of headline worthy work and people.

photo courtesy of sue_r_b

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