God’s Fingerprints

School Theme 2Learning comes with every phase of life.  Some tasks we learn once and they’re embedded into our muscle memory.  Others need constant review.  Once in a while we need refreshers, or we need to learn a new (and hopefully better) way of doing something.

Every summer I help design a course for the newest and youngest members of WorldVenture–the children of our newest missionaries.  You might think we teach them about the country they will move to, the basics of the language they will hear most often, or how to survive in the jungle.  While those are important things, that’s not our focus.

We don’t ignore learning about the part of the world these kids will inhabit, however the majority of our teaching is centered on God.  The children learn about who God is and how he loves not only the whole world but also about how he loves and cares for each one of them.  Throughout the week the kids do an exercise we call “God Sightings.”

Every day they’re supposed to look for things that only God could do, and then we make a list of them to post in the classroom.  Some days they talk about flowers they saw or a sunset God painted.  Other days the list specific answers to prayer.  As the list grows so does their awareness of God’s activity in their lives.

Yesterday I had my own God sighting . . . but let me back up a little.

My Achilles tendon and ankle ligament surgery went well.  The first week post-op pretty much drifted by as I relied on medication to get me past the pain.  The first week also had two incidents of me falling because I’m really bad with crutches.  After the second fall I got much more serious about finding a crutch alternative.

knee walkerI’d seen people using rolling knee walkers.  They looked more stable than the crutches.  It also seemed like the knee walker would give me a bit more mobility in stores or at work.  Both nurses I work with thought the knee walker was a great solution for me.

The nurse at my doctor’s office referred me to an orthopedic solutions company.  The company called me, told me all their knee walkers were out, and informed me when one came in I could rent it for $100 a month.  Oh, they also said insurance would not cover it.

The next day I talked to the nurse from the insurance company who I work with regularly.  She thought the insurance company might cover the cost of renting the knee walker.  She also suggested I contact the Assistance League of Denver.  She informed me they lend medical equipment to those who need it. I promptly called the Assistance League and left a message.

Yesterday as I was eating breakfast the Assistance League of Denver called.  The lady said, “This is so strange.  We never have knee walkers, but we just had one donated yesterday.  It’s yours if you can come and get it.”  My parents and I finished breakfast and piled in the car to go get my new wheels.

As my Dad was inside filling out paperwork, the rental company called to tell me they had a walker I could rent.  It was so nice to tell them I had found a different solution.

God’s fingerprints were all over this.  He provided a top of the line knee walker for free.  He orchestrated the order of the phone calls.  He provided what I hadn’t even imagined was possible.   He reminded me that he is keenly aware of the details of my life and that he has resources beyond my limited knowledge.

Each time I use my new walker, I will remember God’s goodness, care, and provision.  I’m excited to keep looking for evidence of his involvement in my life.

Where have you seen God’s fingerprints?

blackboard photo courtesy of  Steve Woods

rolling knee walker photo courtesy of  the KneeWalkerShop.com

Faith Barista Christmas Jam BadgeI’m participating in Faith Barista’s Faith Jam.  Every week she’s asking other bloggers to “jam like musicians” on a faith related topic.  Today’s post is my riff on the Christmas jam of “Unwrapping Jesus: Inspiring moments that fill you with God’s love, joy, peace, or hope.” If you’re interested in the notes others added to this Faith Jam, go check out her site and follow the links.)

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  1. This is SUCH great news! I think your nephews will enjoy the new wheels, too : ) If only it worked on stairs : (

    Today I see God’s fingerprints in the form of Sarah being incredibly good so I can lay low while getting over a cold. Yesterday it was finding boxes in the garage I didn’t know we had, just the right size for shipping Christmas packages – so I didn’t have to go buy any. And all week God has provided stamina to get through important events (two MOPS meetings and an office Christmas party) and wrapping all our Christmas gifts and sending them so they get there before us – even though I just want to stay in bed and get better. And I know he will make sure my to do list gets done before we leave – even if I have to take a few days to rest.

  2. PS

    Target sells some battery opperated Christmas lights that would look fantastic on your new wheels : )

  3. LOVE this story!!! Wow, what an incredible God we serve!! Reminds me of that Nichole Nordeman song “Small Enough”. Awesome and I’m so happy for you to have a solution for your crutches!!! I agree with Tirzah, some lights would be such a nice touch for the Holidays!!! 🙂

  4. WOW!! I LOVE this story, Sheryl. I’m so happy for you! How beloved and highly favored you are, my sweet friend! So glad you shared this in the jam. It’s truly Jesus Unwrapped — Praise God!

  5. I absolutely love this, “God Sightings.” Every day they’re supposed to look for things that only God could do…” I think I’ll do this with my kids!;) Great post!

  6. Next post needs to include a pic of you actually ON this thing! Looks like a lot of fun to me, especially on a big downhill! You remain in my prayers. Lots of RCI folks here right now after getting OUT of there so of course it prompts reminiscing on my part of another evacuation which YOU were part of. Miss you dreadfully.

  7. @Tirzah—I’m so glad you could see God working in the midst of your cold. It amazes me how much He allows me to get done when I feel wretched.
    @Sara—I looked up the lyrics to that song; they’re great! I, too, am thankful for an alternative to crutches when I’m out and about. The knee walker/scooter makes such a difference. And to both you and Tirzah . . . I’ll have to do some thinking about the lights. I attract enough attention on the thing without looking like I got separated from the Christmas parade! 🙂
    @Shelley—you’re so welcome!
    @Bonnie—Jesus Unwrapped—such a wonderful idea. I’m not sure I would’ve been able to put the story in it’s appropriate context without you. Thanks for hosting the Jam.
    @Kelli—It’s a great thing to do. I’d love to hear about some of the ways your kids see God as they look for him.
    @Judy—I just got a new camera, so we’ll see if I can put up an addendum to the post. 🙂 I’ve heard everyone was evacuating from Abidjan and environs . . . ugh. Part of me can’t believe what’s going on, and the other part of me isn’t at all shocked. I wish I was there to help welcome everyone. It’s a wonderful and dreadful job all at the same time. I miss you, too. Come to CA for Christmas!!!!
    @Allie—God is pretty cool, isn’t he?!?!

  8. Soul, I enjoyed reading this wonderful story. I find myself longing for one of these kinds of experiences, but they’re probably happening, I’m just not noticing them through all of the other crap.
    It’s been a rough week here. Lots of death (three funerals) and sickness and just plain weariness. So thanks for your encouraging words.
    I still can’t quite understand how the thing works… I’d love to see a photo too!

  9. Oh, my Soul! I’m sorry it has been such a lousy week. I wish I could come and help with something, but truth be told I can hardly get to the car by myself. 🙁 I’ll see what can be done in the picture realm. Praying for you!

  10. Thanks for coming over to visit 😀 You lifted me up! This is story is such an awesome reminder of God’s timing, God’s way, God’s miracles and blessings. It’s blessing me to read what He’s done for you! Thank you for sharing it with us. thank you so much.

  11. Thank YOU for coming over to visit, Jeri! I’m glad you came away with some reminders of how great God is! That makes my heart glad.

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