yesI did a bit of walking today (Sunday).  Not a significant amount by most people’s standards, but for me it was quite a bit.  It’s not a short walk from the parking lot to church.  I added a trip to a friend’s new house, Super-Walmart, and then multiple trips up and down my steps.  See?  Not that much for most people, but a different story for me and my damaged and repaired legs.

This evening as I stretched out on the couch to watch some Netflix between stages of laundry, I ached.  My better leg had muscle cramps.  The heel of my worse leg was tender–almost hamburger tender but not quite.  My thyroid had a few achey moments, too.  I thought, “Am I ever going to know what it’s like to be pain-free?”  That was followed by telling God how tired I was of being in pain most of the time.

And then it hit—my head slapping “DUH!” moment.  I realize that while I pray about many things, I seldom pray about my own needs–especially my pain.  So I stopped my groaning and prayed for relief and healing.  A few moments later I realized the pain had subsided.

I know God sometimes says no to our requests because he has purposes we can’t see–or because we’re asking for something ridiculous.  I know sometimes he says wait a while.  I also know there are times when his yes is quick.  I know sometimes I guess how he’ll answer and then don’t bother to ask.  Silly me.

I often insist that we can’t make decisions for people, we need to let them give us their yes or no.  How strange that I don’t apply that same principle to God.  I need to ask him regularly for what I need—the big and the small, and not just decide that I already know how he’ll answer because he does say, “Yes!”  at times.

Have you had any head slapping, “Duh!” moments lately?

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4 responses to “Duh!”

  1. Dear Sheryl,
    I didn’t realize how much pain you have. Will pray about that as well as your request for an intern. You’ll also have further surgery? Hopefully you can work from your chair as you heal. Will pray for you as He directs you.
    Do you ever listen to the Briscoes (Stuart, Jill and Pete)? They hit the issues of life in a real and an encouraging way.
    Grace who is waiting for spring weather to be in sync with the official season.

  2. Hi, Grace—thanks for stopping by! Thanks for praying for my healing and an intern. I really appreciate it. If the offending stitches need to be cut out, it will be in the doctor’s office. Stuart and Jill spoke at my college while I was there–loved them!

  3. Hey Sheryl-interesting discussion regarding pain. Have had it for years. Comes and goes but generally exists 24/7 at a variety of levels.

    Because of it, I spend more time before the throne; for myself and others-generally others. Frequently don’t think to ask for myself or am hesitant to do so as I frequently don’t feel I am worthy of taking up His time with my needs. Silly me! He designed me, created me and sustains me and saved me. What with all that I have to believe I am worthy, through the blood of Jesus.

    Keeping YOU before the throne daily.

    Love ya

  4. Hmmmmmm . . . I think we may be related! Our thinking is enough alike. Praying for you, too!

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