yesI did a bit of walking today (Sunday).  Not a significant amount by most people’s standards, but for me it was quite a bit.  It’s not a short walk from the parking lot to church.  I added a trip to a friend’s new house, Super-Walmart, and then multiple trips up and down my steps.  See?  Not that much for most people, but a different story for me and my damaged and repaired legs.

This evening as I stretched out on the couch to watch some Netflix between stages of laundry, I ached.  My better leg had muscle cramps.  The heel of my worse leg was tender–almost hamburger tender but not quite.  My thyroid had a few achey moments, too.  I thought, “Am I ever going to know what it’s like to be pain-free?”  That was followed by telling God how tired I was of being in pain most of the time.

And then it hit—my head slapping “DUH!” moment.  I realize that while I pray about many things, I seldom pray about my own needs–especially my pain.  So I stopped my groaning and prayed for relief and healing.  A few moments later I realized the pain had subsided.

I know God sometimes says no to our requests because he has purposes we can’t see–or because we’re asking for something ridiculous.  I know sometimes he says wait a while.  I also know there are times when his yes is quick.  I know sometimes I guess how he’ll answer and then don’t bother to ask.  Silly me.

I often insist that we can’t make decisions for people, we need to let them give us their yes or no.  How strange that I don’t apply that same principle to God.  I need to ask him regularly for what I need—the big and the small, and not just decide that I already know how he’ll answer because he does say, “Yes!”  at times.

Have you had any head slapping, “Duh!” moments lately?

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