Dear Boston–

Boston skyline

It has been a long time since I’ve written.  I’ve had plenty of words; I just haven’t made enough sense of them to write them down. I’m not even sure anyone is checking to see if I’ve posted anything lately.  In case a few of you are still out there and reading, I have a few things to say in light of yesterdays events.


Dear Boston,

I have no answers for you.  I’m not even sure I wish I did.  I’m not sure that when an articulated “why” appears it will be understandable. There are a few things I think you may find useful.

1. Grief is a sloggy thing.  There’s no good way around it.  You must put one foot in front of the other in the bog that grief is.  Those who try to glide over the surface while they sip on grief numbing drinks will find the aftertaste never leaves their mouths.  They’ll be surprised when the bog grows to the point where they must give up gliding in order to slog.   So, slog on Boston. Slog on.

2. Being a victim does not confer the right to be a perpetrator.  Too many people believe this.  It hasn’t ever gotten anyone anywhere they want to be.  Don’t even think about it.

3.  Life here isn’t the end of the story.  There’s a bigger, more joyous story that includes eternity.  I’m pretty sure it’s hard to think beyond the pain of the moment, but know that this isn’t all there is.  Those who love God aren’t spared the pains of life, they’re just assured that as heavy as they are they’ll seem light when we start to grasp the glory and joy ahead of us for all eternity.

4. You are not alone.  The nation grieves with you.  While some around the world will inevitably think, “It’s about time–nothing personal, Boston.” Others will readily identify with the pain you feel.  They’ve been there.  They understand in ways many of us can not. Hear their voices filled with compassion.  Learn the language of compassion so you can speak to some of those who will suffer next.  I hate that I can even think there will be a next, but history doesn’t seem to have an example of brutality ending because anyone grieves.

I’m so sorry you’ve suffered.  May you and all who were present know the peace of Jesus that surpasses understanding, the comfort of the Holy Spirit, and the wisdom of the Father.



16 responses to “Dear Boston–”

  1. Thanks, Randy! You can take it. You don’t even have to steal it. 🙂

    Lisa, so glad you have your encouragement. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for those words. I can tell they come form a heart that knows. My prayers are with you ….and Boston.

  3. Beautifully said, Sheryl… May THE LORD continue to bless you abundantly!!!! W/l, Joanne

  4. Beautifully said, Sheryl… May THE LORD continue to bless you abundantly!!!! W/l, Joanne

  5. Dear Sheryl, People are always there, wanting to hear from you. You needed to take your time and that is good. Thank you for breaking through and sharing these words with us.

  6. I’m glad that you found some heart words to put on paper (well…you know). You have such a compassionate voice. Thanks for painting such a vivid picture of God standing in the middle of suffering on our behalf. It’s difficult during times like this to feel so powerless, like we can’t do anything to help, to comfort, to give strength. Your post reminds me that we stand with the One who is doing everything.

  7. Just so you know, i check this site every day hoping to hear from you. 🙂 You have a way of putting on paper that which we all wish we could write down so eloquently. Well said!! And from your heart so recently aggrieved so deeply its own self!! Praying with and for you as always. Many hugs!!

  8. I’m always reading your posts and not that I created my blog, it lets me comment. I love reading your words to keep writing!

  9. Thanks, Mrs. Merc!

    Dr. A – thanks for the affirmation. It’s good to write again and good to get so much positive feedback. Thanks for all the encouragement.

    Chris – I’m glad, too–paper or none. 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement. I never thought of my voice as compassionate. I like that. I like your words that we stand with the One who does everything. So true!!!!

    Judy! I know you do. When I’ve thought of writing, I’ve thought, “Well, at least Judy’s still there!” Thanks for being so stalwart. Thanks for your encouragement, too. I can’t wait to give you a hug.

    Linds–it wouldn’t let you post without your own blog? So weird. It doesn’t give me your blog address, just your yovo address. Hmmmmm. Nevertheless–glad you were here and thankful for your kind words.

  10. Thanks for these words. Hard to follow all that you are experiencing from here on the other side of the Pond, but I am with you in my heart. And I also am checking for updates nearly every day.
    Bless you. ‘ugs.

  11. Dear Soul and Jennifer,

    Thanks for checking for my words. That means a lot. I’ll have more to say soon. I promise.

    Love you both!

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