Change of Heart

I’m helping with my church’s VBS program this week.  I willingly volunteered.  I’m program free at WorldVenture this week; I have the time.  I thought it would be a great way to give back to this local body of believers who have embraced me and TCK ministry. It would be a great way to get to know people whose lives are intertwined with mine without many of them knowing it.

Then we had our pre-event meeting.  All my happy thoughts dissipated with mentions of costumes, and decorating spirit (as in hooray! not as in specters) sticks.  Then I looked at the curriculum and lingering joy scooted out the door quickly.  It’s well done from an entertainment standpoint.  There’s nothing heretical about it.  It just seems to me it lacks heft.

This week we’re broken into the tribes of Israel for the week.  My tribe is Dan.  That’s fine.  What doesn’t come anywhere near the “fine” mark is that our symbol is a cobra.  If you know anything about me, you know snakes have no part of my life.  I firmly believe the best snake is one that’s dead and far, far away from me.  But, no.  I get to be associated with a cobra all week.

I grumped a lot over the weekend.  I dug my heels in.  I groused.  VBS was my sore spot.

I analyzed, too.  I talked to God about it more than a few times.  He helped some.

I learned my expectations aren’t always realistic for my circumstances.  I learned I’m not grateful enough.  I learned I need to be a better follower.  Ultimately I learned grousing is a waste of time.

Last night was the first night.  It was beastly hot.  It was pretty cool.

The Tribe of Dan currently has seven kids and three helpers.  Not half of the tribe go to my church.  I’m not sure they go to church anywhere.  I knew this would be reality, but I didn’t embrace it’s meaning until I was in the thick of kindergarten gravy.

We had fun. We cheered.  We tried to maintain snake formation as we went from place to place.  They ran.  I received too many cobra bites to count.  Seriously, if their fingers were envenomed, I’d be dead.

I remembered that it’s not about the costumes, the curriculum, or the cultural cheesiness.  It’s about the kids and their creator.  It’s about being a conduit of grace and giggles.  It’s about being Jesus with skin on.

I don’t know if any of my Danites will experience God in a new way this week, but I already have.


What about you?  What obstacles is God using to challenge and change you?


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  1. Howdy
    Ihad such similar thoughts today. I groused cuz I Hurt my back and I seriously think I broke my toe. I am not one to lay around (in pain) but that is what I’ve done for 3 days. But also I am thanking God for his many blessings. Then I would fret about for spending money to lay around. But it doesn’t help those around me to feel sorry for myself do I am trying to learn from this and spend the time in prayer for those God had placed on my heart. One of the things I pray about is your VBS btw. Thanks for sharing

  2. Have you taped your toe to it’s neighbor? That’s what they did when I broke my toe eons ago. I’m glad you’re getting some new perspective, Ginger. God is a good giver of perspective! And as for spending money to lay around . . . well, that’s what I thought vacation was all about! HA! I think all my get up and go migrated to you! Thanks for praying for VBS! Pray that truth is heard, kids are loved, and God is glorified . . . and for things to cool off!! It’s beastly hot.

  3. It is about God and sharing him with others. VBS can definitely be exhausting but the rewards are great. Remember the Zambranas who came to the Lord through the work of VBS? Praying once again for your health and stamina. God blesses hot sweaty people who give all to advance Christ. After all He gets the glory.

  4. Hey! You had a program-free week, and you didn’t even come to visit me??? What’s up with that?
    No, but seriously, it is hard when you’re used to leading to be a follower in someone else’s plan. I’m learning this in Alongside, now that there’s been a complete turnover in all the leadership, and we’re trying to put together this AD thing, and it’s rather loosely organized (euphemism). I’m TRYING to just trust God and keep expecting Him to do amazing things. I’m especially stretched when I think about bringing the kids on this thing. We shall see. Departure June 30th. 5 hours on the TGV. With two kids who fight a lot. And no idea what exactly will be awaiting us on the other end.
    But like you say, it’s about the kids and their creator, grace and giggles, Jesus with skin on. And I know the PEOPLE awaiting us in Nantes, and I’m excited to hang out with them and see where God takes us together.
    Wow. Look what a long comment you inspired! Praying for lots of joy, stamina, and cooler weather. ‘ugs.

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