No Entry SignBlocked.  That’s what I was.  I tried again and again, but I was thwarted every time.

I’ve spent the last two weeks at Houghton College in NY helping to train teachers, administrators, counselors, dorm parents, and support staff on their way overseas to serve TCKs and their families.  It’s wonderful, fulfilling, exciting, draining few weeks.  It was almost a frustration free time except for one small area . . . they blocked my website.

Apparently I’m dangerous.  Perhaps my published thoughts are subversive.

I couldn’t access the site itself.  I couldn’t access the administrative side of my site.  I couldn’t update my blog.  I was frustrated.

But–I’m back! You should be able to find new updates sometime on Mondays and Thursdays.  That’s the plan, anyway.

See you on Thursday!

photo courtesy of Michal Zacharzewski

4 responses to “Blocked”

  1. Yeah, I missed you!! Glad to hear that PFO went so well though. Hope you got your emo tank filled to overflowing due to time with the E clan and other old friends?? Hate that we also were not there to see you. Prayed for you lots though!! Love you!!

  2. PFO was great! It would be great if you guys could come and be on staff at some point. How much fun would that be?!?! Thanks for all the prayers! God sustained throughout the whole training. The reunion was amazing but too short. Of course, if it were a month long it would have been too short. Love you back!

  3. I was just going to sit down and say shame on you for not updating your site for so long. That doesn’t seem like you. Glad that you are back.

    I always find it interesting that so many places of education block social media sites and especially anything blog related. Isn’t education supposed to be a free flow of ideas and an opportunity to learn and either accept or reject based on critical thought? Or maybe thats just what I thought.

    So shame on Houghton College for blocking and other sites that want to be free!

  4. Steve, it certainly was frustrating. I had things to write about, but not much time to capture them. Not being able to get on the blog left all those thoughts unexpressed and lost. Oh well.

    It was frustrating. I can’t imagine that I have content that Houghton College would find objectionable. In fact, I would think they would appreciate many of the things I have to say. Perhaps I should write them and ask them to unblock me.

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