Be Careful What You Ask For

LG RumorI love my cell phone.  I love its QWERTY keyboard.  I love its vibrant blue color.  I love its ringtones.  I love the little koi that swim around as a screen saver.  I love its battery that holds a good charge after a year and a half of steady usage.  I love that I can use it as my alarm clock when I’m in the USA.  Usually I love that.

Wednesday night I worked a bit late.  I was finally ready to get out of the office and head over to the gym.  I gathered all my things and headed for the bathrooms on the other wing.  As I was about ready to head out to the car, I realized I hadn’t gathered all my things.  My phone was sitting on my desk next to my coffee cup.

Normally that’s not a problem.  Normally I would use my little white pass card and beep my way back over to my office.  Normally I use one purse for a long time.  Normally I haven’t just returned from vacation.  I swtitched purses before vacation and hadn’t switched back.  I was stuck.  I finally decided there was nothing to do about it short of going home and returning with the pass card, and I didn’t really want to do that.  After all, I had my travel alarm at home, and I use it when I’m overseas; there was no reason to not use it that night.

Before bed I ferreted out the travel alarm from my computer bag.  I made sure the batteries were still good.  I changed the time from whatever it was in Madrid to whatever it was in Colorado.  I set it for the ghastly hour that I usually try to get up on work days.  I shut off the light, and as I was drifting to sleep I asked God, “Please?  When I wake up in the morning . . . could I please be refreshed and ready to get up?”

Thursday morning rolled around.  As I slowly woke up I thought, “Thanks, Lord!  I feel pretty good for it being morning!” (I am decidedly NOT a morning person).  Then I looked at the clock.  As my brain tried to make sense of the numbers on the clock, my eyes realized it was much lighter in my room than it should’ve been.  The realization that I’d set the alarm but not turned it on went from creeping into the corners of my mind to flooding it.  Two extra hours of sleep does add a bit of refreshment to one’s rest!

photo courtesy of xxoofalloutboy764

6 responses to “Be Careful What You Ask For”

  1. Oh Man! I hate when that happens! For me when it has happened its been this nice peaceful rest, a nice calming waking up out of a great, restful sleep and then sudden and complete panic! That panic seems to destroy that entire feeling of peace and restfulness! I hope you handled it better then me!

  2. It’s an amazing way to end the calm of sleep. Not wonderfully amazing, just amazing. Thankfully, there was no pressing reason for me to be at the office at any specific time. I love having some flexibility in my schedule much of the time.

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