Avert the Crisis

Ad - Macro'edThere’s a crisis looming.  It’s already started to wrap it’s tendrils around a family I know.  They need help, and they need it soon.

I work with families who are faithfully serving Jesus all over the world.  Many of them live in places where there’s not a good educational option for their children.  There may be good options, but they’re not a fit.  One of the families I’m working with is on the brink of breaking and returning to the States because they can’t find a good educational fit for their family.

They’ve tried national schools, but the kids didn’t do well there.  They barely survived.  Thriving wasn’t a possibility for them.  Right now, they’re home schooling.  It’s a good fit for the kids, but it’s not a good fit for the Mom.  She will tell you herself that she was not meant to be an elementary school teacher and that her relationship with her children suffers when she tries to be both teacher and mother.

They’re desperate for someone to come teach their children.

I don’t know if you’re the one they need.  If you’re not, you may know someone who is the perfect fit.  Tell them about it.  If God prompts you right now or while you’re talking to him about it, contact me or follow this link and get connected to WorldVenture.

Together we can avert this crisis.


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