Spinning ColorsI’m sorry.  If you’ve come here to read a semi-deep thought or something witty, you have my sincere apologies.  (If you find anything that shows up in either of those categories, let me know–it was purely unintentional.)

Right now I feel like I have a few plates spinning in the air like one of those amazing Chinese acrobatic jugglers.  The thing is I’m not even really good at catch.  Juggling is beyond my abilities.  It’s for those with good hand-eye coordination.  The closest I’ve ever gotten to that is average hand-mouth coordination.  Nevertheless, there are plates in the air, and it’s my job to keep them spinning up there–not crashing down here.

I’m out of my comfort zone . . . out of my league.  I’m working on logistics for meetings I’ll host at the end of the week.  I’m pulling a myriad of information from emails about prayer requests for TCKs to be shared in a chapel I’m in charge of the same day the meetings start.  I need to put together a very short PowerPoint for that chapel, too.  I’m looking over new lesson plans for my summer program.  The emails with the prayer requests opened some great dialogue with some parents.  I found out today I need to do a mini get-to-know you type interview with a potential colleague.  I have a few other meetings.  Oh yeah—and there’s laundry and those daily kinds of things.

I look at the list and I think, “That’s not so bad.”  In some ways it’s not.  I can answer the questions arriving in my inbox fairly easily.  I can evaluate lesson plans without much stress.  Laundry is a piece of cake when there’s nothing else to do.  I can do PowerPoints without breaking a sweat. The logistics thing seems to be the key plate. If that one falls, everything else falls.  That’s where I’m working outside of my comfort zone.

So, I’m sorry if you took the time to read this and found nothing substantial here.  My apologies.  If you’re a praying person, please pray for me.  Some of these plates have great eternal significance.  I realize I’m only responsible for my part, not the whole of anything, but I still need strength and focus from God to do my part well.  Some sleep might help, too.

photo courtesy of Asianimage

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