Another TCK Transition Movie

movie camera

They’ve done it again!  The amazing TCKs I get to work with have created another cinematic marvel.  One of the foci of our time together for home assignment debriefing is the transition process.  The teens created this movie with the direction and editing prowess of two of my TCK interns and our TCK communications intern.  As you enjoy this collaborative creation look for themes of leaving, chaos, entering, and involvement.  Enjoy!

What was one of the big transitions of your life?

2 responses to “Another TCK Transition Movie”

  1. Ha! Funny, silly movie. 🙂 The biggest/hardest transition for me was going from full-time, professional student to full-time stay-at-home mom- in a matter of negative 2 weeks (baby born 2 weeks before grad). WOW.

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