A Costly Week

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conference queueI’m energized.  I’m wiped out.  I desperately want to retreat and sleep.  I can’t wait to be in the midst of everything.  Encouragement seeps in as frustration tries to push it out of the way.  I want to be everywhere at once while yearning for a break.  It must be Renewal Conference.

Every year WorldVenture holds an annual conference for workers on Stateside assignment for the year.  Combine them with invited guests, Stateside staff, midtermers, Journey Corps participants, and some retirees and you’ll come up with around 135 people in town for Renewal Conference.  My department and the International ministries department coordinate to make this event happen regularly.  It’s a lot of work, but it’s a pretty incredible event.  It’s kind of like being at a family reunion with some potential future family members thrown into the mix.  Pretty great stuff.

We kick off the week with a two day prayer summit.  Today was day one.  I only made it half way through the day as a mentally engaged pray-er.  By the time we reached lunch I was every oxymoron in the first paragraph plus a few more.  Knowing I still had another 8 hours of interactions with people was daunting at lunch time.  I used the opportunity to practice a little self-care.

I cut out of lunch a little early and made a Starbucks run.  Frou frou coffee to the rescue!  I also gave myself permission to get away from the corporate prayer times for a while.  I took my self to a semi-secluded area and engaged a different set of inputs and problems.  I gave my eyes a rest from the tears that constantly escaped during the last hour or so of pre-lunch prayer.

The result?  A much more social me in the evening.  A higher level of concentration when listening to people I really, really want to hear.  A more alert me for the drive home.

This is an enjoyably tough week for me.  I love the people I get to work with.  I relish the moments when I get to connect with my friends I rarely see.  Being reminded of Big T Truth through scripture, prayer, and song is priceless.  The week comes with a price though.  It’s one I’m more than willing to pay.

What’s going on with you this week?

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  1. This made me think of my last RC 6 years ago – and leaving to be with my family as my mom passed into glory. Every conversation brought internal conflict. This week I have a new internal conflict – remembering my mom and getting ready for the granddaughter she will not meet on this earth. I just stocked up on Keurig Starbucks K-Cups and two kinds of International Delight creamer that I plan to thoroughly enjoy starting next week. My mom would approve and baby will like having an alert mommy. All that said, I’m praying for you! You are great at making the most of RC and even better at making people feel loved!

  2. Good for you for ducking out and pacing yourself. Sounds like a great week; wish I could be there !

  3. I reported for jury duty this morning for the first time in my life. I was in the first group called up for questioning, etc., so when I heard that the trial was to last about 2 weeks, I raised my hand (with about 10 others) and gave my reasons why it would be a hardship. After the judge deliberated with the counsel he said, “Mrs. Young, with 5 kids and homeschooling, not only will you get into Heaven, but you will be dismissed from your jury duty!” I thought that was funny, albeit wrong thinking, and only later did I realize that he must have thought I was Mormon: a name like Young and 5 kids… Ha! Oh well. Someday I think it would be really need to be able to go through with it. In the meantime, I’ll be enjoying my “time off”!

  4. Tirzah–Thought of you lots today as it was THE day your Mom started breathing easy in heaven. I know she would be so proud of you and would love watching you parent. I’m glad you’re all ready to enjoy some coffee in the next few weeks!
    Lori–it would be so fun to have you here! You always have a place waiting for you.

    Aimee–that’s too funny! Take the pass however you get it. I was dismissed from my last jury duty call up about 6 years ago because I’d been flashed a bunch of times one summer in France. The first and only other time I was called up for jury duty the jury was going to have to be sequestered on a night when I had a speaking engagement. The judge excused me from that jury because he had a speaking engagement the same night as I did! You never know what’s going to keep you out or keep you in. And you’re right . . . it would be easy to mistake your circumstances!

  5. This week we are facing unusually cold temperatures which have already gotten the better of our bathroom pipes. We have heaters on them again today, hoping that the ice will eventually yield so that we’ll be able to take baths and showers again…
    Yesterday Eric got sick, and continues to run a low fever today, which is depriving me of an afternoon outside in the cold clear sun up at the Champ du Feu winter festival, where James is helping to lead an ecumenical service. Doesn’t feel like a Sunday. And what with the cold and Eric’s illness, I’m starting to feel a little bit like a caged animal… Let me out!!!
    This week, also, my mom celebrated her 75th birthday, and Teen and Freeze and Judson were there this weekend. We got to skype yesterday, and it just reminded me: I miss my family a lot.
    There. Those are a few of the things happening in my life this week…

  6. Soul–You’ve had a very full week! Even if you didn’t get out of the house much, it sounds very full. This grown up stuff? It comes with more pain than I ever imagined as a kid. I’m sorry a lot of it is suffocating you right now. Thanks for sharing your week! Big ‘ugs to you!

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