5 Observations from Sitting in the Hospital

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My last week has been occupied by a lot of sitting in my mom’s hospital room.  First it was in ICU.  Now she’s on a telemetry floor.

I haven’t been doing much besides sitting.  Occasionally I get to walk around to find a cup of coffee or something for lunch, but mostly, I sit.  Here are a few of the things I’ve learned and observed in my week of sitting.

1. Sitting all day is exhausting.  After 10 – 12 hours in the hospital I’m ready for bed.

2. A heavy sweatshirt is a necessity for visiting the hospital.  It’s seriously cold.  I’m sure it has something to do with freezing germs out, but it works on family members, too.

3. Private rooms should be the norm.  It seems like all the rooms here are private.  I think we have HIPAA to thank for that.  My dad was in a hospital last year that had up to 5 people in a room.  It seemed to discourage visitors.  It was pretty depressing to visit.  Perhaps the idea was  patients would hate it so much they’d improve and get out of there.  If that was their strategy, it was a poor one.

4. A room with a view of the Indian River is quite lovely . . . catching glimpses of the ocean is even better.  It’s too chilly for boat and kite boarding action on the river right now, but it’s still beautiful to see.

5. Nurses rock.  Some of them rock harder than others, but they all work hard and should probably get commendations and medals on a regular basis.

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