10 Lifestyle Habits of TCKs

cat with green eyes

1. Monthly plans for everything. Phone, Cable TV, and Internet. There’s no way I’ll buy a 3-year plan.

2. Laptop instead of a bulky Desktop PC. It’s useful when you visit family overseas.

3. I prefer to rent furnished. The thought of buying furniture irks me.

4. I don’t heavily decorate my room. Why bother buying fancy curtains and repainting? I’ll move soon.

5. I prefer watching movies online than owning DVDs. No, I’m not a pirate!

6. I’m very frugal. The less stuff I own, the less tied down and happier I feel.

7. I borrow books whenever possible. Ever tried moving a library? It’s not fun – books are heavy!

8. My career is mobile. I like being able to decide where I want to work.

9. I don’t have a large wardrobe at home but I dress well.

10. I don’t own any large pets. But I can accommodate a cat.

Does anyone here identify with any of them?

Taken from tckid/the third culture kids community

Photo courtesy of Flipkeat

Please note: This post was not written by me;  I cannot accommodate a cat.  I would find a way to accommodate a large dog!

11 responses to “10 Lifestyle Habits of TCKs”

  1. Very interesting! I definitely relate to #6…when I think about moving from this house, I start to twitch! Too much stuff! Mike would attest to the loads of stuff I have made him get rid of (and have gotten rid of myself) since we got married! But, I’ve defenitely always been a decorator – my mom’s theory was making every place seem like “home” is a good thing.

  2. It was a strange experience trying to find a picture of a cat—they were either evil looking or much too wild animal looking. Ridgebacks definitely are the best choice!

  3. I keep looking at all my stuff and thinking I need to get rid of things. Unfortunately, so many of my things have memories attached, so when I think about getting rid of the thing, I think I’m also throwing out the memory. It’s not a good combination.

  4. I definitely relate to #4! I get the itch to move every 2 years or so. In fact, if we can ever sell this house, we’re going to go back to renting. That way we have more freedom to move whenever we want.

    I have to disagree about the books. I still love books…although you’ve given me food for thought in a previous post on Kindles!

    We have a cat because the kids should have a pet. We used to have a puppy. Besides the fact that live was Chaos here with him, we gave him away because he severely limited our travel potential.

    Love the list!

  5. I can relate to the itch to move—this is the longest I’ve been in one place since . . . forever? It definitely takes some getting used to. I travel enough that I don’t feel as tethered as I might, however it does make owning any living thing—even a plant challenging.

  6. Cats are great! Although I am probably more of a dog person, I guess. Other than that, my habits aren’t very much like these ones- unfortunately for the people who have to move us!

  7. cats always, can’t live without them long… but also chickens, fish, turkeys, geese, love birds, and now dogs! though 2 of my current 3 picked me (strays that stayed) I finally picked one myself last year. Guess I’ve stayed much longer in one place…than I ever expected to (I thought I’d be here around 5 years, then move and come back, but its 21 now). The fish and birds are easy to leave behind if I move, but the cats I always have in the back of my mind how I’d pack them up with me, now with dogs as well I think I’m not going far if I do move!!! Decorating, would like to do more, but its not my house…but I don’t need much. Books, can’t help collecting them, but I do stick to artists I know I’ll reread over and over…junk, it just accumulates UNTIL i move, but mostly papers and small stuff I just never get to sorting through…

  8. It is amazing how stuff accumulates. I seem to have memories attached to almost every scrap of paper or pebble in my house. I know I need to get rid of stuff, but sometimes it feels like I’m throwing a piece of myself away. So far, I haven’t started accumulating pets. I travel too much to care for any animal.

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