The Most Important Day?

calendar SeptemberReal Simple is sponsoring an essay contest.  The subject: The Most Important Day of My Life.  I doubt I’ll enter the contest, but the subject did get my brain whirring a bit.

My most important day . . . the day I decided I started kindergarten? Education is important.  The day I graduated from college?  The day I got on the plane to leave for Africa?  The day I got off the plane in Africa?  The day my class and I gave our first yearbook to the publisher?  The day I became an aunt?  The day I got to hand out Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes?  The day I started in my new position in Colorado?  The day I chose to change my eternity? The day I bought my house?  The day I evacuated in the middle of a war? I don’t know.   I don’t have the regular milestones that many people might identify as their most important days—a marriage proposal, a wedding, the birth of a child.

I can’t say that my life has one outstanding day that defines the rest of my days.  Rather, I feel like my blessing has been to experience many extraordinary days.

photo courtesy of Geri-Jean Blanchard

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