The Drought is Over . . . I hope

Mom and Dad's Convertible

I’m back . . . at least that’s my plan.  I never meant to stay away from writing for so long, but life happened. Here are a few of the things that happened since I wrote last . . .

– spent a second week in the hospital (which was actually the third week since Sept. 1)
– had almost every gastrointestinal test known to Western medicine
– found out nothing except that even though I was sick enough to be in the hospital, everything seems to be working well
– spent weeks working at getting my strength back (still in process)
– went to FL for a few weeks
– had a great time with the whole family
– saw some of my favorite people who live in FL
– got to go to my Mom’s chemo with her a few times
– walked on the beach
– discovered Red Tide is real—and a pain
– drove the convertible with the top down . . . a lot
– ate out more in three weeks than I have in 6 months
– flew home in first class (yeah, baby!)
– unpacked in less than 48 hours (Who knew it was possible?!?!)

Things that I’m pretty sure are on the horizon
– two Dr.’s appointments this week
– knee surgery on Thursday
– budget discussions
– travel decisions
– lots of research
– designing new surveys

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