The Benefits of Sleep

Where sleeping dog lieSaturday morning didn’t really exist–at least not in a wakeful way for me.  I slept and slept and slept some more.  It felt luxurious.  And then a very rested me decided to tackle the mess that was the room.  After an hour or so, it finally resembled the sanctuary that it can be instead of the closet with the flu it had become.  Friday night I was sure that making sense out of the room was going to consume most of my Saturday; I was so glad to be wrong about that!  I even had energy to tackle some of the rest of my house.  The rest in no way resembles a peaceful, tidy place at this point, but it’s on its way.

Today was the last of my truly hectic days for a while.  I spent the majority of the day with a couple from another organization who are headed to Siberia this summer.  Their plan is to start a one room schoolhouse for some American families working there.  My task was to condense a 20+ hour training into 6 hours.  Last night as I was preparing, I discovered much of the material my colleagues and I had developed two years ago was on the hard drive of my laptop that was stolen last year and NOT on the network at the office.  My stress level climbed steeply for a few moments, then I realized it simply meant there were fewer things to copy for them.  Thankfully, I have about a month to pull everything together again from other sources if I need to teach the course this summer.

However, I’m not even going to give it another thought till after I get back from Florida.  48 hours from now I’ll be amazed at humidity and warm without a sweater.  I’m looking forward to more than a few hours lounging in the pool and shopping with my Mom.

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Willier

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