Shouldn’t There Be Butterflies?

blue butterflyI was set up on a date with a nice guy a while ago. We’ve been out a few times. On paper we’re great.  Theologically we’re pretty much on the same page.  We have some similar interests.  Our values are very aligned.  Our ages are compatible.  Even our schedules are fairly equal in their combination of craziness and recovery from craziness.  He’s a gentleman—kind, generous, respectful.

So what’s my problem?  Basically, there aren’t any butterflies.  When he calls, I don’t get that excited energy.  It’s more like, “Oh.  It was nice to talk to him.”  When we go out, it’s more of the same kind of feeling—nice, but that’s it.  Isn’t there supposed to be something more?  Especially at this stage?

photo courtesy of Marco Michelini

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