Sheryl Needs . . .

espresso cup with beansI saw this idea on a friend’s site and have found it on a few other places around the internet.  I thought it was fun.  These were some of the most interesting results when I googled “Sheryl needs.”

Sheryl needs . . .

. . . a bass player / pool boy  (Who doesn’t?!?!?!)

. . . a bone marrow transplant  (I hope not!)

. . . two cups of high octane java  (That sounds reasonable.)

. . . to try decaf  (That’s more my speed.)

. . . to be off the job for six months to take care of her seriously ill husband  (Hmmm—a 6 month paid vacation would be great, but there’s no husband seriously ill or otherwise.)

. . . some time at home to regroup (I think that’s going to arrive sometime next week.)

. . . to get a life.  (I’m not even going to comment on that.)

. . . the money to pay off loan sharks.  (Do credit card companies count as loan sharks?!)

. . . to sell her product with flirtation.  (I don’t even know what to say about that.)

. . . a fast ride.  (Sounds good to me.)

photo courtesy of johnnyberg

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