New Love

goal save Monday afternoon my sister-in-law’s boss called.  He couldn’t use his season tickets for the hockey game that night . . . were we interested?  Oh yeah!  So, my brother, Dad, 5 year old nephew and I went to see the L.A. Kings defeat the Dallas Stars.  First level seats, center ice.  Beautiful.  I love the pace of the game.  There’s never a dull moment.  The first period was definitely the old, “I was at a fight and a hockey game broke out.”  Not really my style, but it was pretty interesting to watch the puck and suddenly see 4 gloves in the middle of the ice and two guys pummelling each other.  Each of the Kings’ goals was exciting—especially when we were beginning to think they couldn’t really play as a cohesive team.  They even earned each of us a McFlurry by scoring in the last minute of the second period.  If I were rich, I think I’d definitely have season tickets for NHL.

As if free great seats and a free McFlurry weren’t enough for one week, my best friends from Africa were just here for two days.  I haven’t seen the whole family in 3 years, but thanks to Vonage and my cell phone’s perk of free nights and weekends, we get to talk quite a bit.  Still—nothing beats being face to face.  It was a little slice of heaven—even the part where we went to Chuck E. Cheese’s.

photo courtesy of Adam Klepsteen

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