MRI Update

MRII had the MRI yesterday . . . an interesting experience.  I could see how it could be disturbing if you were claustrophobic.  The good news is there’s only one fibroid.  The bad news is it isn’t as pedunculated as the ultrasound made it out to be.  As the doctor said, “We’ll just have to dig that part out.”  Hmmmm . . . digging . . . interesting term.

Today I had an appointment with my regular doctor for an unrelated-to-the-fibroid scratch biopsy.  That went pretty well.  When I filled her in with what was going on with the other doctor, she made a face and said, “I’ll get you the name of another gynecologist.”

I called for the an appointment with the second specialist this morning.  Hopefully after looking at my ultrasound and MRI, she’ll be able to squeeze me in for an appointment next week.  Otherwise, it wasn’t going to be till sometime in October.  I don’t think I want to wait that long!

Well, if nothing else—this is keeping me posting!

photo courtesy of Just Us 3

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