Moving on after the Titanic

ice berg

Saturday evening I attended the Titanic exhibit and IMAX.  It was well done, very interesting, and more thought provoking than I anticipated.  The thing that got me was that in some ways it was the 9/11 of the day. That idea doesn’t completely transfer—the iceberg had no hostile or malicious intent.  However the idea of a tragedy of that magnitude does transfer.  I’d never thought of it that way before.

I attended the exhibit with the “no-butterfly-guy” I wrote about a while ago.  I figured this would be the last time I’d go out with him.  We’d been trying to make this excursion happen for almost two months, so I thought I needed to go through with it.  At dinner after the museum, he said, “I really need to talk to you . . . “  I could see the discomfort in his face and body language and hear it in his voice.  He hemmed and hawed for a few moments before I said, “Just say it.”  He finally spit out that he didn’t think there was any possibility of a relationship between us and he wouldn’t be calling me anymore.  Then I told him I’d come to that conclusion a while ago, but because we seemed so perfect on paper I had stuck around.  We concluded we would be friends if our lives overlapped more, but since they don’t this was probably it.  He then proceeded to tell me about the other women he has been seeing.  That was a little weird, but it really didn’t bother me.  It gave me some insight into what he is looking for—and it’s definitely not me!

I never thought I’d be so happy to hear that someone didn’t want to see me anymore. That looks kind of strange when I see it on my computer screen, but it’s true.  I feel like I can be excited about the possibilities that may be around the corner without wondering if I should have waited a little while longer for chemistry to suddenly develop.  So to all the possibilities—I’m here and I’m ready!!!!!

photo courtesy of Marc Shandro

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