It’s More Than Just Dance

Mallory 16th St DanceOne of the exciting parts of my work is that I get to spend time with some of the coolest people in the world.  Mallory is one of them.  Not only is she one of our missionaries on her way to Poland, but she also has an office about 20 steps from mine.

Mallory’s vision is to use dance to build bridges to the young people of Poland.  She’s classically trained and plans to use ballet in her ministry.  She is also becoming quite the hip hop dancer because she knows that medium will give her quicker entree to youth culture.

A few weeks ago Mallory organized some of her friends (no not me–I was out of the country.  ahem.) to dance and to film their dancing in the heart of Denver.  The goal was to make a short video that would promote her ministry and dream and get people excited about what she’s doing.  Here’s the result:

And here’s a “Making Of . . .” video:

Isn’t she amazing?  Isn’t using dance of all types to build relationships and introduce people to Christ a great idea?  If you think God wants you to be part of this, PLEASE contact Mallory (you know, go to her website and find the right tab and stuff.)  There are more than a few ways you could help her succeed in Poland and help her get to Poland.  Just start the dialogue.

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