fortune After my last post, there were a few suggestions that perhaps it is really change I don’t like and not merely a new arrangement of the furniture.  I’d say that’s partially true.  I have a strange relationship with change.

I’m not a huge fan of routine.  If I had to do the same thing day in and out, I’d shut down.  One thing that I loved about teaching was no hour was the same as the one before it.  No day was quite like any other.  Similarities are good; it’s hard to learn totally new things all the time.  The fluctuations that are inherent in my current position is good; I don’t think I would like being here so well if I had to do the same thing every day.  It gets hectic at times, but I like that it’s not all the same all the time.  I love that I travel at times and get to spend extended times at home.  I love that the ever changing parade of faces that come through my office.  I love days that don’t go as expected . . . especially when the unexpected is fun.

Even at home I’m loathe to get into too much of a routine.  Some days I think, “I’ve gotten up and right into the shower for a few days.  Today, it’s breakfast first!”  It’s kind of silly, but it’s not routine.  So, I don’t necessarily stress out at change, but somehow moving the furniture around distills all the stress of the other changes in my life.  I don’t get it.  I suppose I don’t have to, but it would help if I could remember that rearranging furniture can send me over the edge.

photo courtesy of Nathan Sudds

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