Blame it on the Lupron

chocolate piecesIt was the hormones talking, not me.  Really, it was like this out of body experience.  Training for the short-termers and mid-termers had started at 8:30.  At 9:00 we went upstairs for chapel.  When I came back down to the room we were using for training, I sat at my table, reached for one of the many pieces of dark chocolate Lois, our administrative empress had generously filled our candy bowl with, and suddenly realized all that dark chocolate was missing!  I’m sorry, but there’s no way a Krackel or a Mr. Goodbar can even come close to being a Special Dark Chocolate.  I’m even amazed that they can be in the same bag of mini chocolate bars.  I start looking around, and sure enough one of the bowls on a trainee table has more of the good stuff than any others.  I did the logical thing, and I switched bowls.

Then the illogic kicked in.  And I made this little speech about how dark chocolate should be left alone—especially if it’s on my table.  I was definitely ticked far beyond reason.  I should’ve been mildly annoyed, but no.  I was ticked.  I sat down and A started the next session.  J, our training coordinator, walked in at the end of my harangue.  After I sat down, J got up went to the back of the room, and came back with the missing chocolate.  He said, “I was hiding them so we’d have them for later.  I didn’t want anyone to take them from us.”

I felt sooooooooooooooooo incredibly stupid.  So when A was done with her section, I stood up and apologized to everyone.  I didn’t explain about the Lupron, but I did offer profuse apologies.

The next morning when I arrived there was a card and a huge dark chocolate bar waiting at my place.  The card said, “We will never . . . monkey with your dark chocolate.  EVER.”  Then everyone had put on a little monkey sticker and signed it.  Very sweet!  To top things off, a package of fancy chocolates arrived in today’s mail from all the people at the training for me, the other trainers and the Short /Mid Term Facilitator.  I guess complaining can have it’s benefits on occasion!


My surgery is scheduled for November 7th at 7:30 AM.  On the one hand I’m relieved that things are moving along and something is going to happen.  On the other hand, I have a feeling it’s going to become more overwhelming than it has been.  My parents arrive the afternoon of the 6th; it will be good to have a few hours with them before life gets weirder.

photo courtesy of Lusi

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