B Something

vitamin B

I’m more deficient than we thought.  Well, my blood is.

Last month the hematologist’s nurse told me to take B6 because I was deficient and see the doctor in 5-6 weeks.  I saw him yesterday and learned that I’m also B1 deficient.  Actually, “deficient” is a little misleading.  It implies there’s something there that doesn’t measure up.  Last night I learned, there’s not really enough B6 to register on a blood test.  As for B1, I don’t have what most newborns have.  And the last time I checked, the newly born aren’t ingesting a lot of B rich foods. Sadly, the deficiency has been going on long enough that I have some nerve damage from it.  Thankfully, it can probably be repaired.  At least that’s how I understand it.

So, I’m off to the store to stock up on pork, peanuts, and eggs . . . and a bottle of supplements.  Perhaps after a few weeks of this new regimen I can B all I was meant to B.

photo courtesy of Bertalan Szürös

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