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question markAn update is long overdue.  The problem is that I neither have anything profound nor clever nor even semi-interesting to say at the moment.  My head feels a little foggy—not enough sleep or protein.   So, if you’re reading this, you need to give me some suggestions about what I should write about or ask me questions, and I’ll do my best to answer them.  I remain hopeful that at least one of you will be able to awaken my muse.  So, suggest and ask!!!!

Edit . . .

What have I been up to?  My parents left yesterday after spending the week with me.  My Dad did lots of the “honey-do” things that I never get around to because of lack of knowledge, lack of skill, lack of funds, fatigue or some combination thereof.  More specifically, he installed the microwave/exhaust hood over the stove—that required electrical work as well as putting up brackets and making holes in cabinets.  He also finished tiling the backsplash behind the stove—looks great!f  He put up shelves over my cabinet in the basement, snaked the washing machine line and did a few other things.  We went out to eat quite a bit—though I made brunch for Mother’s Day when we got back from church.  We also took the cog railway up Pike’s Peak—and got a touch of altitude sickness at the top.  We went to one of my childhood friend’s son’s 1st birthday party and we just did some hanging out.

The week before was occupied with a training for the latest group of short-term/mid-term missionaries going with WorldVenture.  I think it went pretty well.

How am I feeling?  Not great—but not horrible.  I think my thyroid is growing.  I’m not happy about that.  It means I have to decide if I should wait till my next endocrinologist appointment in August or if I should try to see another endocrinologist before then.  If I try to see another one—who do I see?  Will the new doc say the same things?  Is it worth it?  My lower abdomen just feels full.  I’m not sure of any other way to describe it.  In my head it means it’s growing things again.  Not a thrilling prospect.  So–those are the gruesome details.

Do I garden?  Not really.  I have about 12 square feet of space that I might use to grow something in my “backyard.”  It faces north and doesn’t get much sun.  I don’t go out there very often, so I haven’t done much with it, though I think about planting some flowers from time to time.  Last week my Mom and I did a planter tower on my front porch with lots of petunias, lobelia and dianthus.  I’ll try to take a picture and post it.  It will probably take a while.  I love flower gardens.  I don’t have much use for vegetable gardens—they’re not so pretty and well, I’m not a big fan of veggies.

A Christmas Memory . . . hmmmmmmm . . . One year for Christmas my “big” present was cross country skis.  I was really excited because the winter before I had gone cross country skiing on my downhill skis—not an easy feat!  In our family our big presents were left unwrapped in front of the tree—except for the year my brother got a pony, she didn’t come in the house.  We had to wait upstairs until all the adults were all settled and the cameras were poised to catch our excited faces.  That year my parents hid our skis in the trunk of the car.  One of them forgot and sent me to put somethings in the trunk after church one Sunday.  I easily found the skis and not so easily pretended they were a surprise on Christmas morning.

OK—keep the questions and suggestions coming!

Edit 2

My philosophy on life . . . it’s really St. Augustine’s, but I’ll take it for my own.  “Love God and do as you please.”

And as for “Sense and Sensibility” I enjoyed the movie, but I’m not a big fan of Jane Austen’s books—too much prattle for me.  I tried to like her writing, but I really don’t.  I very much enjoy the movies I’ve seen based upon her writing.

Edit 3

My all time favorite movie . . . I suppose if I can only choose one . . . I don’t know if I can.  Probably, The Princess Bride . . . or Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet . . . or the Branagh/Thompson Much Ado About Nothing . . . or While You were Sleeping . . . or French Kiss . . . I’m not sure which one I’d choose if I could only watch one for the rest of my life.

Hardwood or carpet?  I love hardwood floors when they’re well maintained, but there’s something nice about squishy carpet that’s warm in the winter.  How about a combination?

photo courtesy of Chris Baker

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